Friday, May 30, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Sampler - Framed Four Patches

This framed four patch is a simple combination of squares and rectangles.
From the dark fabric cut four 2 inch squares and two 2 by 3.5 inch rectangles
Cut the same pieces from the light fabric.
Sew the 8 squares together into pairs of dark and light.  Press toward the dark.  Use the pairs to make two four patches.
Sew a dark rectangle to one side of the four patch and a light rectangle to the other side.
Repeat the process for the other four patch, but reverse the placement of the dark and light rectangles.
Notice how the placement of the fabrics makes a nice frame around the center four patch.  


Kate said...

Another easy block. Hopefully this weekend I'll get caught up on the ones you've posted this week.

sophie said...

Another good little block ... and maybe a hint to June's color?

LA Paylor said...

does this mean the next color is gold? Do I still have time to enter one more green to May's link party or is it done? I did another green thing.
LeeAnna Paylor

Kat Scribner said... refreshing and summery. I don't have alot of variety of yellow/gold, but I will be happy to work with some.

Andee said...

Making my block this is big, I am no good with quilt Math, but maybe we were supposed to use 2 inch strips? I will trim mine up so it will work!