Tuesday, May 20, 2014

RSC Sampler - Thrifty

This one if from Sophie and her Block Lotto.  She has lots of quilt block patterns and adds nice little bits of history about the blocks as well.  She is also a Rainbow Scrap Challenge participant.  Be sure to visit her.
 Another nine patch grid, this one needs 2.5 inch subunits.  There are 4 dark squares and one medium square.  These will alternate with little four patches made from 1.5 inch strips.  To get enough subunits you will need at strips at least 12 inches long of medium and light green.  You could also use 2 6 inch strips as well. Sew the 1.5 inch strips together and press toward the darker green.
 Next sub cut your strip set into 1.5 inch subunits.
 Layer them together into four patches and sew.
 I am a huge fan of twirling the seams on my four patches.  It really does help everything to lay nice and flat.
 Arrange the four patches in the corner so that the darker squares point to the center of the block.  Sew together as a nine patch with the seams going away from the four patches in the corner.  
Press the horizontal seams toward the center of the block, again reducing the bulk away from the pieced subunits.  
Such a sweet and simple block.  It would be easy to switch it up with different placements of light and dark fabrics.  


Deb A said...

That's two this week! I'll have to steal some sewing room time this afternoon before soccer practice to get these two blocks done.

Sewing In CT said...

very pretty!

Katie Z. said...

Thank you for all the lovely blocks.

Bonnie said...

This is a great block. It would definitely use up scraps!

sophie said...

There's a pretty rainbow quilt made from swapped Thrifty blocks in the Block Lotto Gallery that Cathy made - Nifty Thrifties. I could see making one of these as part of the RCS ... if I wasn't already making blocks for four other rainbow quilts ;-)

Dasha said...

Sweet little block! Thanks for sharing

Kate said...

Another fun block. I hope to get a few made today since I started my holiday weekend a bit early.