Sunday, May 25, 2014

RSC Sampler - Friendship Scrap Block

This seems like a simple little block, but I had a fun time figuring out how to best put it together.
Start with 3.5 inch strips of a print and background green.
You will also need 4 squares of another green fabric that are 2 inches each.
Sew the HST units, trim dog ears and press.  2 squares should be pressed with the seams toward the dark and two with the seams toward the light.
Draw a pencil line from corner to corner of the dark green squares.
Sew along the drawn line.  If you like, you can also sew again outside of the first line to get bonus triangles.
Flip the green squares, press and trim the bonus triangles from behind.  On the squares that have been pressed with seams toward the light, you will need to repress the seams from the dark green square toward the light fabric as well.
The pressing directions seem complicated, but it will allow all of the seams to nestle when you sew the squares together.
Arrange the four subunits with the dark squares pointing to the middle.
Sew the four squares together and press.  


Kate said...

I love the dark green fabric that makes up the final border.

Jo said...

I saw the picture on Pinterest and guessed. I used a 3d bow tie method for the centre to be a little different

Rebecca in AK said...

I love the colors you chose for this block!

Dasha said...

I love this block Angie. I have seen it around, but have not had instructions, so thank you for putting together this little tutorial.