Wednesday, May 28, 2014

RSC Sampler - Calico Puzzle

I picked a really easy one for today. Writing the directions will take far longer than putting the block together.
This is a nine patch, so it will work with 2.5 inch subunits.
Green print = 4 squares each 2.5 inches unfinished
Dark green - 1 square
Place light and dark green strips, right sides together and use the easy angle ruler, cut four HST units.
Sew the HST units together, press and trim dog ears.
Place the green print fabric on the top and sides of the dark green center square.  Use the HST units to form the corners with the diagonal seams all pointing to the center of the block.  Check the placement of the dark sides.  They should rotate as they would for a pinwheel.  Sew and enjoy.  
That's all.  Done.  TaDa!


Kate said...

Definitely nice and easy!

Dasha said...

Nice block. There will be lots of pinwheels in a top made from this block only. Like it.

RED ARROW said...

Looks great in my opinion as well. I guess it's time to start sewing again.