Wednesday, June 4, 2014

 So many things are going on this week and so few of them are sewing related!  It is amazing that I have had so little time to relax with already three days of vacation spent.  Anna wants to see The Fault in Our Stars when it opens on Friday.  I can't see a movie about a book without reading the book, so I've just finished reading it.  So cute.  The kids are so clever and poignant.  Sad, but sweet.  Sydney and Ryan are doing a camp this week, so it will be just the two of us seeing the moving together.  I am sure there will be popcorn involved now that her braces are off.
 I did get just a few little bitty nine patches put together.  The tiny nine patches were really collecting and putting them together seemed like a good plan.
 I've started power lifting with the kids.  We go way too early in the morning and are done by the time the morning session ends at 7.  I'm not sure why they want to get up so early, but it does get the day started.
I'm on day 8 of a new running program.  8 days and 8 runs!  Mostly very short, but the goal is to get out and run everyday.  So far so good.  All my muscles are stiff and tired, but in a good way.  Hopefully I'll build up distance and speed as time passes.
Then there is the working part.  We are spending three half days this week doing homeroom preparation.  We are getting all crafty though and making flags for each homeroom to decorate for the new year.  There is a grand debate about size.  We'll see how big they end up.  After the final prototype is decided upon there will be some mass production sewing and assembly to enjoy.
Not much time spent on blogging and e-mail.  I've got an online course that I'm trying to finish off before the next one starts next week.  Maybe I scheduled too much for one summer?  Time will tell.  


Deb A said...

I think you need to schedule 30 minutes of sewing time a day =).

Amy said...

The schedule is filled, but (I dare say) stress free (???)
{{Other than the online class, maybe}}

My summer schedule won't start until next Tuesday; total winddown with Finals right now... and loads of file cleaning out in order to transition over to the HS wing. I just heard confirmation this AM that one of my 2-credit courses I signed up for was filled up for the summer, so.... my summer schedule just opened up to be quite stress free.

Hmmm..... I think I'd vote for the larger flag (but would recommend keeping it smaller than any US flags that are displayed in rooms.)

Happy Wednesday girl!!!

Rebecca in AK said...

You have been busy! I am glad you got a little sewing time in!

Terri said...

Now you know what retirement will be like. Too busy to get to the things you need to do. It doesn't seem possible, but most every retiree I've ever known says the same thing. That's how it is for me.

Barb said...

Power Lifting...amazing!!

Kate said...

Wow, power lifting and running? I'd be crawling by the time the day was done.

We were pretty deliberate in unloading DT's schedule this summer. A full AP class load waits for her next year, plus summer volleyball keeps us all busy.