Monday, June 9, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday

 Everyone is pretty spent after the powerlifting tournament yesterday.  Here is Ryan with his deadlift.  His max was 105 I think, which is 1.5 times his body weight.
 And here is Anna in her squat.  She hit new personal records on all her lifts.  I guess if I was a good sports Mom I would have written it all down.  Never would have predicted that powerlifting would be the next sport in our family.  Even Kurt went with us this morning.
 I'm working two days this week at training to be a trainer.  Today is wide open though.  We lifted first thing this morning.  I haven't been out to run yet.  Jelly legs on squat days -- maybe an evening run tonight?  But check out my grout cleaning!  Here is the side I haven't done yet.
And here is the side I finished already.  I'm going for 80% better rather than for perfection.  Usually I try to clean the grout each summer, but last summer went awry and so I have two years of grime to scrub away.  I'm doing some cupboard reorganization too.  Anna's job is putting away dishes these days and sometimes she gets ---well -- creative.  This morning I found appliances, mixing bowls, baking dishes and Tupperware all in the same cabinet.  Heterogeneous storage scheme?  Maybe it will be a new thing!  


Kate said...

Congrats to Ryan and Annie on their new stats.

Looks like you are settling into your summer routine pretty well.

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