Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Large Butterfly

We've done small butterflies already, but there hasn't been a large butterfly yet. It is a quick and easy block with large pieces. Love those.
For the wings you will need 2 large rectangles of dark yellow, each 3 by 6.5.
From a light background fabric cut 4 squares, each 2.5 inches.
I used an orange for the body because finding enough contrast with just yellows can be tricky.  It is cut 2 inches by 6.5 inches.
Use a pencil to draw a line corner to corner on each of the 4 background squares.
Place one background square, right sides up on each end of the wing pieces.  Notice that they are a bit smaller than the wing, this is by design.  Both diagonals should point up and to the middle, making a little mountain.  Sew along the diagonal.  You may also double sew for bonus triangles if you like.
Flip and press the background squares and arrange them on either side of the body.   Sew each wing to the center.
There you go.  simple and fast.  


Sheila said...

Good looking block : )

Jo said...

I'm sure you have more up your sleeve for next Saturday

Unknown said...

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Kat Scribner said...

I've been working on the butterflies today. Is it possible the center stem for the body should be cut 1-1/2" wide instead of 2" wide? My block is coming out 7" x 6-1/2"