Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wee Wednesday

Step 1, make a template.  I found that a coaster and a quarter worked out well.  Anything that is round is up for grabs.  The smaller the circle, the fatter the petal.  My coaster is 4 inches in diameter.  
If you don't want to make your own templates, just print this handy dandy pattern which I will post for you.  The petal should be about 3 inches long.  (Please let me know if it isn't.  I'm not quite sure yet where the printer is, so I can't double check the size. ) 
I like to make templates out of freezer paper.  Feel free to use the applique method of your choice.  

You will need scraps of pink fabric  about 4 inches long and a tiny bit of a contrasting fabric.  They pinks can be the same or different.  In addition to the pink, you will need 4 squares of background fabric each 2.75 inches.  (feel free to use one single square of background fabric which is 5 inches if you want to simplify)
Prepare your pieces for applique and apply one piece to a background square.  Place the petal along the center diagonal and center it so that a quarter of an inch seam allowance remains at each corner.
Sew down your applique pieces and arrange your four patch.
If you don't want a flower, you could also arrange them this way which is a traditional orange peel layout.
Sew your four patch together.
Finally, place the contrasting center in the middle and sew it in place.  The advantage of the center circle is that it will camouflage any mismatched seams in the center.  

It is the last day of July, which is a good time to mention that the color for August will be light and bright blue.  Sorry for the purple fans, but it is coming soon.  Blue is one of those shades which needs a little extra attention for most of us.  

When I wasn't working on Wee Wednesday today I was working on Ryan's dorm room quilt.  Due to the temporary lack of extra rooms, I set up the quilting frame right in the middle of the family room.  Can't argue with the view!
I'm using a square spiral which I think feels like a circuit board.  
 Dave, our contractor and old neighbor, was back today and installed drywall around Sydney's door.  She will be so happy to have a little privacy as the garage entryway goes right past her bedroom
He also installed two new outlets to recharge cars in the garage.  He'll be back tomorrow to finish up the drywall and start working on the pantry.  Slowly but surely we are getting all settled in.  Just in time too.  One day left before back to school!


Marly said...

A nice wee bonus on Wednesday! I'm happy to have an orange peel pattern at last!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Love the idea of being right in the front room!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Both blocks are so cute this week - hard to decide which one to make! Thanks, Angela!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Ryan's dorm quilt (and the view) look amazing!! I'm guilty of scanning your mid-week posts. I totally missed the color announcement! Back to BLUE, huh? OK. Off to see what I've got to work with...