Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tiny Tuesday - Violet

Ok, so violets aren't necessarily pink, but flowers come in many colors.  This should be another quick and simple block.  If  you are interested in an applique version, come back tomorrow for a bonus wee Wednesday block.

 Today's block is a four patch with snowball corners.  You will need:
4 pink squares each 2.75 inches
8 background squares each 1.75 inches
4 contrasting squares each 1.25 inches
 Start by drawing a line from corner to corner on each of the background squares.  Place one in a corner of each pink square.  Sew along the diagonal.  Flip and press the white square open. 
 With snowball or flip and sew corners, I like to look at the back of the block and trim away excess from the corners before trimming away the fabric behind.  I find the blocks end up much nicer this way.  Not everyone trims away the excess fabric behind, its all about choice. 
After you have snowballed one corner on each pink square, snowball the adjacent corner.  
 Next take a contrasting 1.25 inch square and snowball the next corner as you work around in a clockwise direction. 
 Here you go, 4 squares with 3 snowball corners each. 
 Arrange them so that the rotate around the center with the contrasting corners all pointed to the middle.  Sew as you would for any four patch.  The seams on the snowball corners will naturally face away toward the corner, if you want to manually reverse the seam allowance on one corner in each pair, you can reduce the bulk by a bit and get the seams to nestle. 
Here is the finished block.  Notice that the petals float a bit at the edges, this means you aren't going to have to match seams and the corners don't have to be perfect.  
When I wan't sewing today, we were getting a new door installed in Sydney's room.  She is super excited.  
We also got a new chandelier installed in the stairwell.  Just a bit more paint and finish work to go.  


Sara said...

Each little bit of progress in your home makes it more “yours”. Looking good. And a very cute little block.

Susie H said...

Fabulous little block this week! I managed to finish it up just now -- still July -- still PINK month! I can see why Sydney is excited about her new door. Very nice!

Edith said...

Wow, love your new hall lamps.