Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just love quilt marathons! Somehow saying, "I have to quilt because I'm part of a marathon" has so much more weight than "I'd like some time with my machine this weekend if there's nothing else that needs to be done." Kurt was off to work again today, so it was a stop and start sort of day, but I did get two flimsies assembled. Christmas Lights had a bit of a disaster. Lizzy has figured out how to get over the baby gates we use to keep her in the kitchen. Each time she got out today she went straight over and made a mess on my quilt blocks! First was a number two on the edge and I sort of sponged it off thinking I could wait to wash it after it was quilted. Then she returned for a number one right in the middle and I had to go ahead and wash it. Wow was that a disaster. I got it to the flimsy stage and used a gentle cycle, but it still raveled madly. Getting it flat with all the seams going the right way was tricky to say the least. It is ready for borders now, so hopefully I can get to that tomorrow.
Whirlygiggles has been my leaders and enders, and there were more than enough for this 6 by 7 snuggle quilt. I'm not sure whether this one wants borders or not, I'll sleep on it and see what it tells me in the morning. I am getting to bed at a decent hour tonight after working to the wee hours last night. The Golden Globes just ended and I am fading fast. I will pop in though and see what everyone else got done today. Happy Quilt Marathon.


Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

just popped over to visit, what a wodnerful newsy blog! And you have done some really rather nice work!! I really like the idea of a quilt marathon.. sounds fun.

Barb said...

That first quilt is so awesome!!! Like the second one too but that first is a WOW!!

heather said...

Both quilts look wonderful!

Melinda said...

I really like Christmas Lights - it is wonderful. The Whirlygiggles is nice also. What did it tell you about borders?

Amy said...

well Angela---the LEAST thing you could have done was take a PICTURE of the naughty lil' girl! :0)
Sorry for all the"disasters" on Sunday and for the "rather be quilting" time today (Monday). Work was actually GOOD for me today; motivated and occupied from start to finish.
Felt good to quilt for 19 hours this weekend!