Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quilting 5K

Not so much a quilting marathon here today as a short sprint. I was so looking forward to a day of endless sewing, if not for that darned earthquake in Haiti. I'm back now, done with ice skating, done with rock climbing and ready to have some quality long run time with my machine. I took a baggie of all of my bonus half square triangles to ice skating this morning and worked on trimming them all up. I abhor waste, and so I like them to be as big as possible. I used to cut them to either 2 inches or 1.5 inches until I realized that most of them were 1.75. So that is my main focus now unless a square is unusually large or small. Most of what I cut today was left from the Sister's Choice Quilt I made for Mom, and the rest belong to the depression blocks that have been lingering for a while now. Kurt is home from work and sitting in the back yard watching 12 kids play on the swing set, we've gained 2 since yesterday but they are all having a good time.

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Amy said...

waste! Tscha! EXACTLY what was going through my head today while I was pressing my bonus tris from the Pineapple Blossoms blocks. I was able to make FORTY-EIGHT 5.5" pinwheel blocks from the bonus tris. It's UNIMAGINABLE how many ladies simply throw those triangle snips away. CONTINUE SPREADING THE WORD OF BONUS TRIS!!! :0)

Here's hoping your evening is bringing you LOTS of sewing time!