Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hitting My Stride

That's more like it. I finally convinced everyone here about the importance of my quilting marathon weekend and started to make some good progress. I got the Christmas Lights blocks all put together (even though two of them seem to be MIA) and am ready to get them all sewn together into a top. I'll probably play with the blocks some more, and I'm thinking of going with a different yellow for the triangles, but it is starting to look like a quilt now. Especially if I can track down those other two blocks.
I got some more bonus squares trimmed up during bath time and will probably work my way through some more of the ironing basket before I turn in. I've been working whirlygiggle blocks through as leaders and enders, so those will be next on my list. Now it is starting to look like a marathon around here.

1 comment:

Amy said...

oh, DO take a picture of the whirlygiggle l-n-e blocks; would love to see if the image in my mind is anything like the real thing.