Sunday, January 10, 2010


Not of the house of course, but today was a quilt related housekeeping day of sorting, organizing and putting away. I spent my "free" time this morning ironing leaders and enders and then filing them away into their respective homes. Some of them are part of ongoing projects, but some of them are just random four patches or nine patches without a destination yet. I feel quite guilty now when I end a line of sewing and cut the threads off without sewing through a square of some sort.
This afternoon was the baby shower for which I made the quilt. It seemed well received and the colors matched well with the planned nursery scheme. Our two guidance counselors did most of the planning and everything was adorably cute. It was all color coordinated and in verse. I am just home from that now and we are watching a movie as a family. I might pull my ironing board out again and work through some more of my odds and ends while watching.
I'm still thinking about what to work on next weekend. I'd like to spend the evenings this week getting everything set up so that I can get lots done during the quilting marathon next weekend. Who else is in?

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heather said...

I love the feeling of being all organized in my quilting space. It makes me ready to make a mess all over again.