Sunday, September 26, 2010

Set In Sunday

Does anybody actually enjoy set in seams? I know you are supposed to do them by hand, but I never feel that my hand stitching is sturdy enough and so I use my machine anyway. I had one little mishap and sewed the long sides together instead of the short sides, but I got those back apart and put together block 32 without further mishaps. It didn't want to lie flat when it was done. But the iron and I worked together to convince it that it was the right thing to do. OK, so it may not be the flatest, squarest block I've ever done. But I guess that's why they invented the saying, "finished is better than perfect."
Ryan had his first football game of the new season today. Here is Kurt doing his coaches thing during the huddle. Isn't he cute? After that was an OM practice. This morning I took the girls to see Legends of the Guardians. It's the one in 3-D with the owls. You know it is a tried and tested premise when an 11 year old thinks the plot is predictable. In between the fun stuff it was just laundry and cleaning of the house. Sunday is pizza night and then the girls and I worked on a puzzle. Just a regular old weekend around here.


Lindsay Jean said...

For the little blocks with set-in seams on my Dear Jane, I use freezer paper on the back so I know where to stop sewing - I do them all by machine.

Great block! (And finished IS better than perfect.)

LuAnn said...

I think maybe die hard hand piecers might enjoy a set-in seam. I think the set-in seam is one reason why the steam iron was invented. A shot of steam and a hard press, and those things end up behaving one way or the other. Your blocks are beautiful!!

jillquilts said...

You are really getting these blocks done! And no, I don't know anyone who likes set in seams! lol Your block looks great!