Thursday, September 16, 2010


Time seems to go faster the older you get. It's Thursday already and I'm having trouble remembering what happened to all of the days in the week. Monday was a teacher workday so no school for the kids. We had a Cub Scout Weebelos meeting at our house in the evening. Tuesday is faculty meeting day and Anna had art after school. I had a Girl Scout team meeting on Tuesday and went out for an nice dinner on the water a friend when it was done. Wednesday it was Kurt's turn to go to an organizational meeting for flag football. He got volunteered to be coach, and that will be fun 'cause he has never been much of a player. That brings us up to today and I'm off in a flash to nab Anna from her Girl Scout meeting. Tomorrow is a working day for Kurt and I've signed up to go in and teach a science lesson for Anna's class again in the afternoon. The weekend has the usual activities. We're on a break from ice skating, but we've got a birthday party, football practice and OM I think. Just a regular old week around here.

So I made sure to take some time out out this afternoon to work on a Midget block again. This one is 29 and is called Grandmother's Tulip. It is a nicely traditional pattern. I wanted to try back basting for needle turn, but chickened out and went back to freezer paper inside, my favorite method for applique. I haven't yet done the handstitching, but maybe there will be something good on TV tonight and I can finish it off. I don't have any school work or grading tonight, so stitching the evening away sounds lovely.

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Darling Jill Quilts said...

It looks superb!! Sounds like you guys are super busy... Glad it's you and not me! lol