Sunday, September 5, 2010

Moon Block

Anna has been asking when I was going to finish her quilt. We are in the process of getting new carpet, and I will have to move the quilting machine out of the study for a while. I am thinking about using the move as an opportunity to set it up full size and quilt a couple of BIG quilts that I have in the works. This one will need to be queen sized, so it will be one of those projects.

I spent most of today getting the words put together and then decided to take a break before inserting the punctuation to make the moon. Out came the yellow crumbs and strings! The study looks a little frightening right now, but I produced LOTS of yellow crumb fabric in the process of getting enough for this 19 inch moon block. The carpet guy is going to be here at 4 to get the contract signed, so I'd better get moving.

Anna made dinner last night while Kurt was away at his football thing. Grilled cheese with instant mashed potatoes and fruit kabobs. She did it all by herself and even set the table with pretty china and candles.


Andee said...

Moon block is looking good, and great job in dinner to Anna!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

IT's awesome to have a little help with dinner every once in a while! Looks great!