Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too Busy to Sew?

I can be very productive for a while. Then something happens to knock the train off the tracks and I just sort of shut down. I think Sydney getting sick did that for me this time. She is all better again, bouncing right back up into happy hyper mode with the resilience of childhood.
There have technically been a few times in the past couple of weeks when I might have sewn, but I could never quite muster up the energy. Ice skating is followed by football and scouts which sneaks in around work and then the cycle starts over again. All good stuff, but it just keeps on coming. Tonight I'm going to a meeting about science fair at the kids school while Kurt is off coaching Ryan's flag football team.
Tomorrow is my shining star of a day. Parent conferences at work which they had spread past my regular work hours and had to reschedule. I usually teach science in Anna's class on Fridays, but there is no school this Friday so I'm doing it a day early. That is followed by my turn to lead Girl Scouts which happens at the same time as the organizational Lego Robotics meeting. If I'm still upright and coherent when all that is done it will be just short of miraculous. But yeah, it's a long weekend from school so that is a very good thing.
I'm hoping for some calm time with my sewing machine next week. I browsed the new Keepsake quilting magazine while administering the PSAT this morning and found a few inspirations along the way. There was a beautiful poinsettia quilt on the front that I'm seriously considering. Applique is nice as a carry along project, especially if it isn't too complicated.


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

That seems to be the way it happens with me as well, although I am nowhere near as busy as you, my problem is I get caught up in other things like reading or doing a bit of gardening or too much internetting.

Judy D said...

Sometimes that's the way things work out. Your train will be on the right track again soon.
I hope everyone is feeling good again....enjoy a nice long weekend...."Take it easy, ma'am..." :)

Beth said...

I get knocked off my track too..and too easily for my taste! I'm back on track now..and have so many things I want to do, I woke up at 2 am and could not get back to sleep! I kept thinking on how I want to quilt some pumpkin wall hangings...all TEN! WHEW!(oh...we are out the door on Sat at 6:15 for a soccer game over an hour away..AND another game on Sunday. I am soccered OUT) Hang in there!

heather said...

This is why I have a set sewing date with friends once a week. Otherwise I'd never sew.

LuAnn said...

I think sometimes we all take a break from even the things that we truly love. Whenever I do, I see something that interests me and inspires and I'm right back at it again. Take care.