Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was all excited yesterday to finally have a Monday night off from Academic Team. I checked the website for our local quilt guild which has a "circle" that meets on Mondays. I keep thinking it would be fun to join up with some local quilters and get involved in the quilt scene in my own community. So I dashed out the door as soon as Kurt was in and trekked over the causeway to the library where the meeting was supposed to be. The meeting room was dark, empty, locked. Maybe they changed their meeting date and time. Maybe they didn't update the website. Maybe I'm just not meant to find local quilting folks. So, no meeting, and no time for quilting yesterday.

I made up for it tonight though. There was time this afternoon to work more postage stamp blocks through the system and find some suitable substitute sashing fabric. I moved to the floor after I outgrew the design wall. Now I just have to attach the new sashing strips and I can get it pinned into rows and settled in next to the machine. I'm still pondering the outer row of darker strips, so I'll save that part for last.

There won't be much time tomorrow, we're getting the house refinanced and a notary is coming over in the evening with the closing papers to sign. Who knew that notaries made house calls? There is also football practice. I think Thursday Kurt in entertaining clients and Friday is probably ice skating again. Maybe Kurt will take pity on me and let me hide away for part of the weekend and sew. He's going out of town next week and usually tries to make sure I have a little alone time before he abandons me.


LuAnn said...

I do like that postage stamp quilt. It's just gorgeous. After you wrote me that it wouldn't really be starting a new project but would be using up scraps, I decided why not. It would be a good leaders/enders project. And, I found a bright honey bun that I'm not sure what to do with. So I may do a bit tomorrow.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Oh I like the quilt with the red along the outside border. It really pops!!

Amy said...

Two thumbs up on the red sashing too! I'm with Jill. Go for it!