Saturday, October 2, 2010

Languishing too Long

I was so good at working on UFOs last year. One a month like clockwork. I felt virtuous and content. Must have used up all my virtuosity last year though, because this year the quilts on my UFO list have languished. Maybe I took care of all the really good UFOs last year, or maybe I have just been more distractable lately. Whatever the reason, it is October already and my UFO list seems to have gotten longer this year rather than shorter. The new carpet is coming Tuesday (FINALLY) and the house is in a state of disarray. In the midst of the organizational transition I pulled out this project that was supposed to have fabulous striped borders. The string piecing went astray and I am going to just add a nice solid border to the edges and call it finished. I don't have anything in my stash that I think will work. I am thinking of something solidish in a darker color. I see a lot of pink and orange in the quilt, but want to avoid anything excessively girlish. I'm thinking that red or lime green would work. A trip to the fabric store may be required. Until then I think I'll cut the failed border strips into some lovely string blocks for later.

The kids have been outside off and on all day working on their new clubhouse. This is the same clubhouse that has already required a trip to the urgent care clinic for stitches. Both Anna and Ryan have invited friends over to join the fun. I'm keeping an eye on them in case medical care may be needed again. I'm hoping they all learned a lesson about tool safety last time.

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