Friday, October 1, 2010

What Next?

One of the best parts of the weekend is that big sigh of relief on Friday afternoon followed by the giddy thought of being able to pull out a project and work guilt free for a while. I've been volunteering in Anna's classroom on Fridays, doing hands on science. As soon as that was done, I headed home and started hunting for my weekend project.My midget blocks called to me, I still have that new paper piecing template I drafted for the last block that I want to try out. Yes, this is number one on the want to do list if not the should do list.
My leader's and enders have gotten out of hand and need to be sorted and ironed and such. That wouldn't take long and would help things look a little less chaotic. Definitely on the list for the weekend, but maybe not first up.
The bed has magically attracted lots of extra stuff; mending, fabric, all sorts of miscellaneous junk that seems to land here. This must be done before the new carpet shows up on Tuesday.

Anna is really anxious for me to finish her quilt. It's going to take some thought tough, and it might be beyond the scope of my mental capabilities at the end of a long week.
This scrap quilt has been hanging on the wall for a while now. It wouldn't take long to whip it together into a flimsy.

Yes, that is the winner. When in doubt, pick off the low lying fruit and grab the one ready for a quick finish. I've got two quilts put together into flimsies now that need to be ironed. I hope redbox has something good so that I can have a little ironing party tomorrow. After that I'm going to cross some more off of the ought to be done list.


Quilter Kathy said...

Hey...I think I see a gorgeous Old Tobacco Road quilt laying on that my eyes deceive me?!?
isn't it fun to have lots to chose from!?!

Janet said...

You are one busy lady!