Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pillow Pal

I try to take those decorative pictures of finished my projects, the ones that look all pretty and inviting. Instead they just end up looking like regular stuff. So here is Sydney's pillow. I think the yarn I used was fatter than the yarn in the pattern. Maybe next time I'll just adjust the pattern. I do try to follow the pattern the first time through though. That way if it doesn't work out I know who to blame.
Everyone is just now home from football practice and getting ready for bed. I may sneak into the sewing room for a few minutes after they are settled in. After I write a chemistry test for tomorrow, and tidy up the house a bit, and finish up that last load of laundry. Well, maybe not tonight.


Janet said...

This butterfly fabric is so pretty. I've seen those lovely pillow case tutorials. Very nice!

Linda Lee said...

I agree with Janet! It is a great pillowcase. I am sure it will be loved.