Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Day Sewing

I could not let the first day of the new year pass without sewing a stitch!  Though I thought I would hand quilt in the car, by the time we headed home from the game it was getting quite dark.  So instead, I dashed off to the sewing room when we got home to see if I could try out a block for a Rainbow Scrap Sampler quilt that I am thinking of making a project for the new year.  The cutting went fine, but my new quarter inch foot isn't quite so scant as one would hope and I am still having trouble getting the measurements to work out exactly.
 So here is a quite nice broken half square triangle block just a bit shy of the size needed to go in my 6 inch sampler quilt.  I'll have to call the repair shop again tomorrow and ask nicely again if there has been an update on my machine.  Surely they know something by now.

Until then though, thankfully the midgets will keep me busy enough.  I think there are still three more rows to quilt.
Hopefully you all found some time to sew a stitch or two to ring in the new year.  Happy sewing!


Amy said...

Oh GIRL!!!!!!! It hurts to read that you are STILL waiting for your beloved machine. It's been a LONG time, and I can only hope a remedy is found soon so you can have her back.

Teresa in Music City said...

So glad you were able to sew a little today! I got in the sewing room too and actually got quite a bit done. I was proud of myself! We have company coming tomorrow, so the urge was there to just obsess about making sure the house was perfect. Looking at my finished block, I'm SO glad I sewed instead :)

Ellen said...

A wonderful start to a wonderful New Year - you just can't beat spending time in the sewing room!

Deb A said...

Have you tried the stack of masking tape (sticky pad) before the machine for the proper 1/4 inch seam guide? Position it in place so when putting the fabric through it will be the seam allowance you need.
Hope your machine gets back from the spa vacation very soon.

Kate said...

Hope you got good news on the machine? Maybe you just add a scant border around your half square triangles and use it that way?