Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Happy Squares

Framed squares are such a nice quilt pattern. It works great with novelty squares for a bright and happy kids quilt.  This miniature version is really just a modified nine patch.  The solid fabric is a very dark navy.   Because blue and green will go next to each other in the finished quilt, I wanted a few blocks with both green and blue together.  I picked a print that had both green and blue together.  and found a solid to match.
Start with 1.5 inch strips in blue and green.  From the blue fabric, cut 6 1.5 inch squares and four 1.5 by 3.5 inch rectangles.  Cut exactly the same pieces from the green fabric.
When the pieces are all arranged, can you see how the block is a lot like a nine patch?

Start with the squares.  Sew two sets that are green blue green and two sets that are blue green blue. Press toward the blue.
Now sew a dark rectangle to the top and bottom of the blue green blue sets and a green rectangle to each side of the green blue green sets.
Here are your four subunits, each of which measures 3.5 inches square.  Notice that the seam allowances are rotated, vertical for the green and horizontal for the blue.
Sew the four blocks together.
Here is your finished block. 


Lisa said...

OMG 3 blocks so far this week. I'm going to have to get busy. I'm scared of the 54-40 or Fight block... procrastinating.

Deb A said...

Just when I think I am caught up, two more blocks posted! Think I will play with some blues today.