Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Ohio Star

This is the same block that was in the Orca Bay quilt. It is another classic block.
It has hourglass units in it that may be cut with the companion angle ruler using 1.5 inch strips.
If you are not using the companion angle ruler, try this tutorial from Diary of a Quilter.  If you are using this method you will need to cut 3.25 inch squares.
In order to create the 4 hourglass blocks you will need 8 dark and 8 light triangles cut from 1.5 inch squares using the companion angle ruler.

You will also need 4 - 2.5 inch squares of light fabric and one 2.5 inch squares of dark fabric.
Match the dark and light triangles, right sides together.  You will be sewing the triangles along the side that is NOT the hypotenuse (anyone know the name of those sides -- Amy -- anyone?)  Sew all 8 pairs together.
I avoid pressing these little guys because of the bias edge.  A quick finger press away from the edges should get both seam allowances headed toward the dark fabric.  Sew 4 pairs of triangles together, this time along the hypotenuse.
I like to twirl the seams, but that part is up to you.  Press the hourglass units and remove the dog ears.  Each should measure 2.5 inches unfinished.
Arrange the hourglass units into a nice patch arrangement with the light and dark squares using the layout shown.  Notice the light fabrics on the hourglasses are adjacent to the dark fabric and vice versa.
Sew together as you would for any nine patch and enjoy!


Amy said...

Two thumbs up. Lovely simply tut for an amazing classic block.
Happy Blue month!

newsurfiegirl said...

Nice block can't wait to make that one!

Kate said...

I've made a few Ohio Star blocks, but never one that small.

Deb A said...

Great tutorial! I'll be making all four from this week later today =).

Betty Lou said...

One of my favorite blocks and so nice in blue

Andee said...

Made it! What a fun one!

Marly said...

This is a nice block and I like my result in blue. However, I have a question: should I spin the corners on the nine-patch too? The seams are very bulky, but I can't see if spinning would spread the bulk any better.
I hope someone, Angela maybe, can give me advice.