Friday, January 3, 2014

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Roman Stripe

This one is built off a four patch unit. That means each subunit will measure 3.5 inches.
Start with three 1.5 inch strips.   If possible find a light, medium and dark.  Each strip needs to be at least 14 inches long.  If you don't have scraps that long, you can use two 7 inch strips or even four 3.5 inch strips.  Sew the strips together and iron toward the dark.  Press carefully to avoid distorting the strip set.  
Sub-cut into squares that are 3.5 inches each.  Use the seam lines to make sure your strip sets are straight.  Arrange as shown.
Sew into a four patch.  Your block should measure 6.5 inches.  


Gene Black said...

Oops I am behind, I didn't even see block one until this morning! I have to get started!

Kate said...

After looking at the number of blue scraps I have, I may take a sing at some of those sampler blocks.

Andee said...

I missed this one too, lol I have plenty to look forward to sewing tonight! Making a list!