Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Batik Stars for Aunt Brenda

 I've been putting together the blocks for Aunt Brenda's Batik Stars quilt.  The two background fabrics ended up more similar than I had hoped, but in good light you can get the effect.
 This was the original plan, I'm happy to have it to refer back to after putting it away last summer.  Aunt Brenda is getting anxious for her quilt though, so it has gone to the top of the list.  Aunt Marilyn does beautiful hand quilting and she will be taking over that part as soon as the top is done.
When my sister Heather came to visit before our vacation, she brought me some of Mom's things.  Her husband Tom has sold the house and was ready to get rid of everything.  Heather saved the photos and some sewing things to bring to me along with some Christmas decorations that are still at her house.  Mom liked to sew, but was never a quilter, and most of her fabrics were flannel or home decor.  I did pull these cottons out out and will try to work them into a project or two.
Here is a quick photo of the girls with their trophies from the power lifting tournament this weekend.  They both had great lifts, Sydney went 9 for nine on her three events and Anna made all but one of her bench presses.  The alarm at 5:30 this morning was painful, but I came home and took a quick nap before it was time to get up and take Anna shopping for back to school clothes.  Then this afternoon we went zip lining at the zoo again.  When we got home from that, it was time for Sydney to take a nap.  Rainy days are so good for napping.  


Karen said...

Way to go girls. I love the quilt and the pattern. It would also make great rainbow blocks.

Ellen said...

The top for your Aunt it coming along quite nicely.

So glad that you were able to get a few things that belonged to your Mom.

Jo said...

Oh wow. You had such a busy day. I wold nana nap too

Kate said...

Love the Batik Stars, it's looking great.

Congrats to Sydney and Anne! Very impressive.