Sunday, January 18, 2015

Alternate Block

The alternate blocks for the sampler quilt are simple nine patches made with four patches and background squares. The subunits will be collected throughout the year, and as all the colors for each block come up, I'll post directions for how many of each color combination you will need to make. The colored squares are all 2.5 inches, and I'll let you know how many of each color you will need to save each month.
Each block will require the following pieces:
12 - 2.5 inch squares of colored fabric.
8 - 2.5 inch squares of background fabric
4 - 4.5 inch squares of background fabric
Take 4 squares of each color and combine them with a background square to make 4 two patches.  Take the remaining 2 squares of each color and sew them to make 2 more two patches.  
Combine the two patches together to make four patches.  Two each of two colors with background and one with just colored blocks.
The four patches will be combined with the large background squares to make nine patches.  Four patches with background fabric will form the corners and the dark square will be in the center.  
This is your finished nine patch.  It should measure 12.5 inches unfinished and will finish at 12 inches in the final quilt.  24 blocks are needed for the quilt, and we will be putting them together throughout the year as the appropriate colors are revealed.  


Pamela Arbour said...

Thank you so much for the alternate block instructions. That will really help me stay organized. I wanted to cut the background fabric in advance to feel like I was ahead instead of behind.

Also, I received my hand dyed fabrics and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. That was a big win!

Scrappy quilter said...

How many blue do we need to make and I noticed you have both blue and green together. Do we mix our colors together

Nell's Quilts said...

Getting ready to cut the blue 2.5" squares. Thanks for the heads up. It will be good to have everything set aside just waiting for the final layout.

Katie Z. said...

Thank you for all the work on this quilt. I haven't jumped in yet (oh, to have more time in the say to ourselves, right?), but I'm eagerly following along.