Friday, January 16, 2015

Alternate Blocks

The alternate blocks for the star quilt are easy peasy.  It would be easy enough to do them all at the end, but I am going to try to work them in slowly throughout the year for those who aren't big on procrastination.  Unfortunately, the blocks contain more than one color, so they can't get finished until both of the adjacent colors have come up.  I will post the number of squares to save each month though, and give partial assembly directions.  Then, as soon as ALL the colors in the block have been announced, we can finish up the alternate blocks along the way.  So step 1 is to save 25 blue squares from this month.  They should be 2.5 inches each.  I'm off to make a quick tutorial for the alternate blocks and do a bit of math for the background fabric usage.  It's been on my MUST DO list all week, but things have been a bit frantic lately, fabric fun is next on the list though, so I'll be back soon with photos and instructions.  


Kate said...

Hope the weekend is a bit slower than your week has been.

Angie in SoCal said...

I had to chuckle at one of your "You might like this"thumbnails. It's the one with the giant pile of laundry. Oh, how I can relate. We'll wait patiently for the tut - no worries. Isn't life beautiful? Blessings.