Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cleaning up Blue

Unfortunately, we aren't quite ready to make alternate blocks yet.  Most of them have at least two colors in them.  They were designed to help transition between the star blocks, and so having multiple colors is quite important.  We can however, get the cutting done ahead of time and sew together some of the subunits.
So, to mark the end of medium blue in the sampler quilt, start by cutting your extra blue scraps into 24 squares that are each 2.5 inches.  You may use 16 of these squares together with 16 background squares to make 8 four patches.  You may use 6 squares to make 3 two patches of blue and blue.  The last two squares can just hang out alone for now.
Anything that is left can go back into the scrap bin or get used for something else.  Blue will come back again later this year, so if any of your scraps seem "light"  or  "dark" you might want to move them to those piles for later.
Coming up next?  Background fabric requirements.  I'll be adding links to all of the directions to the RSC15 Sampler tab at the top of the page, so feel free to use it as a handy reference guide.  


Kate said...

I love those blues, they look luminescent. Very pretty.

Andee said...

You are so organized on this..way to go!