Monday, August 9, 2010

Mini Monday and Day 1

Today was the big first day at a new school for my three kids. I tried not to post about it excessively at the time, but there was a bit of a thing about rezoning last year which eventually ended with all of our neighborhood going to a new school. It is a good school, and our entire subdivision is headed there, so the end was much better than the initial plans submitted. So, new teachers, new routines and new friends. Everyone came home happy and excited. We went through papers and filled out forms before they all scattered to play with friends.
I had just enough time before the school bus got here to make Midget Block Number 7.
It is called At the Depot. It doesn't look familiar to me, but I've seen similar blocks with spaces left for signatures. It is traditionally pieced and went together easy as pie. I've started saving a strip of all of the fabrics I'm using in case I want to make a charm quilt or a border or sashings later. I'd like to use different fabrics in each block if possible and try to match the colors in the original blocks. We'll see how long my stash can hold up to that! I finished up the sashings on my Dear Jane this afternoon and got it all up on the design wall. I'll let that simmer and play with it for a while before I commit. I did dump all the extra fabric into the scrap bin though, so cutting scraps will be a pending job. I don't want to do a pieced back because I plan to hand quilt this one, so all I'll need is border and binding fabric from the project box.

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heather said...

They are so cute. I'm still resisting though..... Way too mnay UFOs already.