Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can't Make Just One

These little blocks are just about as addictive as bejeweled on facebook. I keep thinking I should stop, but then I start just one more. I've got some school work to do this evening, but this afternoon I worked on block 10 which is a Log Cabin. I must say that my paper piecing skills are improving as I work through these little guys. I've learned that trimming threads as you go along makes for a much neater finished product and that it is easier to waste a little fabric by cutting fabric too big than worry about exact sizes. I've been using an add a quarter ruler to trim the patches, but I might try an add an eighth to see if it makes for a lighter block.

The numbering on the this one and the pineapple were different than what I would have done, so I had to be careful to make sure I was following along in the right order. I think they would turn out the same either way, but it helps to keep track with 4 subunits if you are on the same number at the same time on all of them.

Here is the finished block, isn't it a cutie?

I had a good first day of school. I'll sit down tonight and finalize plans for the first couple of chapters in each class and make sure I have everything I need. Today was full of exciting organization things like the syllabus and rules and books. I'm doing a part time schedule this year and it is a lovely feeling to leave in the middle of the day. I went to the grocery store and had a relaxing lunch. Pure bliss.
Last night was the Girl Scout leader meeting and my friend Meisje got suckered into volunteered to plan the leader daughter camping trip this year. That means she is invited to the planning meetings, lucky girl. I was glad she came though, because we went out after for sushi and two-for-one mango martinis. I may look forward to these meetings if we keep going out after.


Amy said...

First of all-----DANG-TOOTIN', that's a CUTE block!!!

Second----oh, how I would LOVE to have part time right now. (Of course, I say that not really thinking about $$ or anything else that would affect life with less hours of work, like benefits, etc.....), but shorter work days would be lovely.

heather said...

So cute!

Quilter Kathy said...

That one is soo adorable!

Andee said...

That little block looks like a challenge..with my cough, cough, quarter inch I can only imagine!

Linda said...

Cute block...itty bitty Log Cabins, too cute.

I use the Add a Quarter ruler and Add an Eighth ruler for small blocks like this too. With blocks this small too, it is sometimes good to press certain seams open instead of to one side like normal.
I used to think smaller would be easier but blocks like this have definitely changed my thinking. Great job.

Umm, Mango Martinis, those sound lovely. Have fun.

Amy said...

very nice and so tiny.Thanks for sharing,Amy

Darling Jill Quilts said...

These blocks just keep getting cuter and cuter!! And it sounds like you will have lots of fun planning for the camping trip!