Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Block at a Time

Today was the first day of teacher meetings in preparation for the new school year, so there wasn't a lot of time to sew. I did take time between evening things to put together another BOM from Amy though. This one is called Star and Pinwheel and it is the second block from July. I switched the position of the green triangles. I'm pretending that I did it on purpose so that the pinwheels would stand out better. If I were making a whole quilt from this pattern, I would use a different color for the corners to get a secondary pattern going and use flying geese instead of two HST blocks to reduce the number of seems. I'm fond of star patterns, so I could see making more of these. I think I am going to skip block number three from July, which is called two stars. It is a cute block, but I think it fits in better with a Patriotic quilt than with my Christmas colors.
Today was also "meet the teacher" day for my own kids. I came home to pick them up over lunch and Dad met us there. They are all a little nervous about being at a new school this year after rezoning. I think they feel better after seeing their teachers and spending some time walking around the school. They knew lots of kids already from sports and activities or because they were also rezoned with us. They all had fun spending the rest of the day with a babysitter and baked a yummy chocolate cake. I might have to go have a piece now while I watch a recorded Covert Affairs.


Andee said...

Looks good!

Candace said...

Your block looks great, I need to get to mine, I do have 3 cut out, but they are the May blocks.

Amy said...

at 10:23, she writes, "I might have to go have a piece now".....BUT I first read, "I might have to go piece now". And I thought----10:23 on a school night and she's going to piece some more?!?!?!?
I love the background fabric you're using!!!