Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last 3 Dear Jane Blocks

I just finished off the last three Dear Jane blocks. Despite fears that I had gotten sidetracked again, I was pretty sure I had at least three blocks in progress hiding out somewhere. During my cleaning today they turned up, just as I had expected. The first one is L-13, Harvest Moon. It was all prepped, and just needed to be appliqued down at the edges. The one in the middle is a Log Cabin, which isn't an official DJ block, but it was on the software, so I decided to include it anyway. The last one is A-13, Starlight, Starbright. It was a major pain in the neck and didn't want to lie flat at all. I hand pieced it in the car when we were driving to the cruise this summer. I'm not a very precise hand piecer I guess. I didn't have and iron at the time and was hopeful that it would all work out in the end. One side did, but the other, well, it wasn't cooperating.
I've got all the sashing strips and cornerstones cut out and ready to go. I squared up all the blocks and it should take too long to get the top put together.
The girls wanted to see a free movie this morning. The theater is very near Joann's so we popped in to find some more fabrics for the Midget blocks. I showed them what I meant by "small scale" prints and they went to town picking out a rainbow of fat quarters which were on sale today. They are just out of the laundry now, so I'll get them all pressed and squared up. It looks like the next two blocks are pretty simple, so I might get another put together tonight. I'm sure the initial enthusiasm will wear off at some point, but long term Amy and I were thinking that one block a week is reasonable goal. Some weeks I can get more done, but I'm going to try not to put this one away and let is turn into a UFO.


Micki said...

Lovely blocks! You must be so happy to be progressing so well!

Amanda said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how you put your DJ blocks together. Have you seen the various different ways people set them in the DJ book?

heather said...

I've been playing around with Dear Jane blocks. I'm sure I won't make the whole quilt but I can't figure out when to stop.

Your midget blocks are calling my name too.

Linda Lee said...

I absolutely LOVE the colors/ fabrics of these blocks! MY colors. Many bloggers are working on organizing sewing areas! Your cutting area looks great. We have a counter in our kitchen that is just inside the door that often looks like your before picture.

Amy said...

1) Classic "Angela-before-n-after" shot
2) GLAD you stuck to your guns to have three more DJ blocks
3) Grrr....those fabrics better be shown in a pic real soon, girl...
4) **twist** yeah, that was my arm! Now I need to find time to catch up to you on the midgets...

Hmmm......maybe I'll just so happen find some time over the next couple of days while I'll still be lounging on summer vacation while you're back off to school :0)
{{so mean, i know}}

Trisha said...

That happens to me too. When I go to work on my DJ quilt I usually find a few blocks started or prepped. I love that!

Retrogirl said...

Don't you just love the options on the EQ software version? I'm thinking if I don't include them in my DJ quilt, I'll be sure to use some on the midgets should I ever get to them.

I printed all the midgets that were on Gay's page and had them bound in case I'm 90 when I make the time. Last week, I checked the site to see what she was up to and there are either more blocks on the page or she's republishing the series...haven't had the time to compare. WOO HOO the idea of more potential midgets has me jazzed about it again.

Beware. There will be non-stop midget ramblings coming to my blog soon if they are new designs. LOL

LOVE YOUR BLOCK and wouldn't change a thing!

Happy quilting,

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

ok 2 years later on this post........did you finish this quilt and get it quilted???