Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mini Monday

I was reading through a few blogs last night, and one thing often leads to another. I stumbled upon a new to me blog. Retrofabulous was a guest blogger at Stash Manicure yesterday and she mentioned a site with miniature quilt blocks called Sentimental Stitches. They have patterns there for over 100 4.5 inch blocks. Sort of like Dear Jane, but with patterns that you recognize. I quickly saved them all off and couldn't resist trying one out on this, my last day of summer vacation.
I'm not making any long term commitments. I'm not making any grand statements about making one of these every Monday. I'm just saying that it is Monday and I made a miniature quilt block and look at how cute it is!!
I tried something new on the foundation paper. I made this quilt using paper piecing and loved the quilt, but didn't love spending a whole day picking out bits of paper from the back.

So I had this water soluble paper that somebody sent as a free sample to school. I haven't read the packaging yet, but I think it is a corn based product kind of like the biodegradable packing peanuts that you can eat. (They don't taste very good though, so I don't recommend it). It got a little brown with the ironing, so I tried to be delicate about it, but it held up well enough. Then, when the block was done, I plopped the block into the sink, and the paper just disappeared. Just like that. Gone, never to be seen again.

No pulling at paper with tweezers trying not to pop seems, no tedious scraps everywhere, just let the water run out of the sink and iron the block dry. Again, I'm not making any grand statements or any long term plans, but after this little pack of paper is gone I might see if I can order some more.

I did it again -- all day today I was sure it was Monday. It isn't, is it? It's Tuesday. It IS my last day of vacation though, and I'm sure after school starts I'll know the days of the week again. I guess I should have called today's post Tiny Tuesday.


Amanda said...

This may appear twice, as Blogger went funny on me. That's a cute little block, and I really must look out for some of that paper. I enjoy paper piecing but I so hate digging out the bits of paper from the little corners.Best of luck with the new school year.

Amy said...

Mini-Monday or Tiny-Tuesday......I may just try to jump on board with you! That block is adorable!!!! (or is it the hot lady holding it???) ;0)

I've never paperpieced, so it'll be a learning experience for sure.

THINKING OF YOU TODAY!! (Wednesday)... Hope all is well on your first day back...

Vicki H. said...

I love little blocks, thanks for the link. I have to try some of that paper too because I have pulle open seam ets. Have you ever quilted anything with small blocks yet? I figured there was a challenge there.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very cute! Thanks for the link! I think you should make a Tiny Tuesday post every week!

Linda said...

I love the blocks. I'm going to pass on these as I'm working, hmm, maybe I should say I have a project I need to be working on. I have a Dear Jane and Diary blocks I really need to work on. I like to paper piece but it sure takes time. Can you tell me the name of the product you used? Thanks for the inspirations...your blocks are great!