Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Take advantage of free patterns.

With all the free quilt, block and quilting patterns available on web sites and blogs, I amazed that any of us still buy magazines and books on a regular basis. The first site with lots of free patterns I remember finding was Quilters Cache by Marcia Hohn. It has LOTS of blocks and is easy to search by size or name. It can be a bit overwhelming due to the shear volume of patterns, but wow, what a resource. Several years ago I discovered Quiltville where Bonnie Hunter has great patterns and organizational tips for using scraps. She also posts mystery quilts, the next of those is due in November I believe. My most recent discovery was Sentimental Stitches where my new favorite Midget Blocks are posted. Don't forget about block of the months like Amy's Passions and Morning Glory Designs. Not to mention all quilt alongs periodically hosted by fabulous people like Crazy Mom Quilts and Judy at Patchwork Times. In fact, the problems isn't finding a great idea for a quilt, it is always that there are too many great ideas and too few hours in the day. So bookmark them, save them for later, but make sure you take advantage of all of the inspiration, free for the taking.

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Candace said...

You are absolutely correct. The problem is all the ideas coming from so many great creative minds. It's so easy to want to do them all, and so hard to choose just a few.