Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boardering on Insane

After running several different bordering options past my husband (too busy, too patriotic, too complicated). I ended up with 2.5 inch strips of gold and red. I had both on hand, which is a strong selling point at 7 on a Sunday evening. I was almost done, and in for the home stretch when I realized I was two strips short of the red fabric. Still, I could sew the rest and have it all ready to go until I could pick up more red on Monday. At that particular moment, Bernie stopped sounding like a sewing machine and started to imitate a chainsaw! I am now very thankful that I kept my old machine when Bernie moved in. Ken has become my pinch hitter on two occasions recently, and I don't give him the attention he deserves. I ran Bernie into the quilt shop at 2 today, grabbed the kids, and then went to a faculty meeting and to the grocery store. By the time I was home again, I had a message waiting to let me know that they had fixed the problem and my machine was clean, serviced and ready for pick-up. Wow -- that is service. They are always so nice that I feel guilty for not shopping there more often. I try to support local businesses that offer unique services, it's just hard for me to pay $100 for a pair of running shoes or $1o for a yard of fabric when I can find it cheaper somewhere else. I try to overcome my thrifty nature, but it is not an easy task. I do go in whenever I need something special or when I want advice, I just can't make myself go there for random stash enhancement.
Because I was planning on spending most of the weekend on sewing (most being relative in terms of leftover time after regular weekend obligations like kids, husbands and dirty houses), I decided to set up in the formal living/dining room. I have room to spread my quilts out in there and I don't feel closed in. I have a very nice sewing area set up in the laundry room, and another craft area in the study, but I still enjoy the wide open spaces of our under furnished formal rooms. When we built our house four years ago, there was another option in the same model that added an extra room upstairs. I joked with my husband that if we added it to our house I could have a quilting studio! It seems silly to think about moving into a 3800 square foot house and needing more room, but I really do use every room in the house on a regular basis, and would love to have that one more -- even if it is totally unnecessary. So, comfortably sprawled, I started working on the first step of the orange crush mystery. I have miles of strip sets sewn, now I can iron and sub cut in front of the TV tonight. My husband has taken our son to cub scouts, so I can take sole possession of the remote control. Only two days into baseball season and I've been banished to the bedroom television twice!

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