Sunday, April 27, 2008

Working Hard

My husband has started to remodel the bathroom and the destruction of one room, has somehow managed to track stuff all over the house. We spent weeks looking at different tiles and fixtures and planning out exactly where everything will go. Nobody can swing a hammer in the house without everyone getting in on it, so much fun is being had by all.
I ran a 5K yesterday morning, followed by a long shower and lovely nap, but then I finally sat down to finish quilting the pinwheel quilt. The binding is even on, but still needs to be hand sewn. I think I like the back of this quilt more than the front, especially because everything on it was leftover from something else. The Churn dash in the middle is from the baby quilt I made for my first daughter who is almost 9 now.

I got a package of scraps in the mail on Friday, and spent the evening turning them into strips and squares. I find cutting fabric to be so relaxing. Something about taking a big bag of cast offs and turning it into something useful is very pleasing. There were a bunch of pink bits that I can use in the quilt I have planned for my niece, and some bigger pieces I can use for more OC blocks. I think I have enough now, but I wanted a few extras to play around with.
Part of the family has gone to race pine wood derby cars, and I'm taking the rest to a library book sale. Ice cream has some how found its way into our plans, so I'd better get moving. I want to get my Carolina Crossroads quilt basted this evening, but I should plan tomorrows scout meeting and start working on final exams. Summer vacation is so close I can almost taste it!

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