Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fabric Goodness in the Mail

They were having a really good sale and Z&S Fabric. I'm a sucker for a really good sale. I was focusing mainly on the greens, because I am pondering a green Irish Chain for the master bedroom. We have a green thing going on in there. The others I got because they were a really good price, or I just thought they were cute. Once you are paying for shipping, it doesn't make sense to order just one or two pieces, right?
We are hosting a tiger cub meeting tonight so I need to go clear my sewing off of the dining room table. We've never hosted the tiger cubs before, so I should try to make the house look presentable. The girl scouts have been to my house enough times that I don't worry as much anymore. I've already cleared a space in the study, so I'm halfway there already. I even dropped a load at goodwill today, so I am feeling very virtuous. I made another batch of OC blocks, and managed to get the new fabric washed and partially ironed and folded. Not bad for a school day.

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Julie said...

I agree - if you're paying for shipping anyway..I always "look around" the shop just to see if there is something else I might need!
Nice to see there is another Evanovich fan amongst the mystery quilters, and agree Sandra Bullock would be a great Stephanie...but, oh, who for Joe?