Friday, April 18, 2008

Retail Therapy

After being a single mom for most of the week I had an uncontrollable urge to get out of the house tonight. I let my husband feed the kids dinner and made a trek to Joann Fabric. I didn't have a coupon, so I decided I would only buy things if they were on sale. They were having a really good sale :) I got some pink for a quilt I am going to make for my niece. Her two brothers got quilts recently and I don't want her to feel left out. They had some remnants that were really on sale and thread was half off as well. Even the batting was on sale, so I picked up one for the Carolina Crossroads quilt, which is next to be quilted, and one extra for whatever comes next. I started quilting on the pinwheels quilt. I decided to try to do something kind of curved and am drawing a pinwheel shape in each block. I'm not great at machine quilting yet, but I get a little better with each quilt. I is really nice to finally have a machine that will handle the free motion work without throwing a fit! I can still remember wrestling with my old machine as it ate up the quilt top, tangled the thread or made ugly tension knots.


Amy said...

What FUN colors!! I love that Green LadyBug fabric!!!

I know where you're coming from!!! I'm looking forward to being alone this weekend!!! My hubby took the girls up to the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa, so.......WOW!!! What to do with allllll MY time?!?!?!? I can't wait to just do what *I* want tomorrow!!!

My first goal for the morning: RUN! I am so unmotivated to run lately! I'd love to hear you say the thing!! Puh-lease say it's true :0) So, my goal for the morning is just an EZ 3 rush, feelin free to walk if my body is ready to cave! It's seriously been since the Marahton in October....*sigh*. I can't wait until summer!

Stay motivated and have fun with the new fabrics.

OH! And you're machine quilting is yet ANOTHER thing we have in common. I've only been dabbling with it on a few quilts. It MUST be a technique that only gets mastered with practice, practice, practice. I like the curves so far :0)


Amy said...

Good thing I don't teach English!!

You're = your!!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the comment---
so help here! How/Where do I set up this "BLogline" option to get it started right away?

THANKS for any assistance!

Amanda said...

I remember what it felt like to have a child- and husband- free day occasionally. Great to be able to please yourself - have a great time.

I did my first bit of machine quilting recently and decided that free looked much better than too controlled. Loads of luck with it.