Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just In Time

I finished step 2 of the OC mystery just in time. I logged on to peek at e-mail and bloglines had an update from Bonnie with step number 3 already! I've got 165 of step 2, so that should leave some extras to play around with. We still haven't cut into the yardage for this quilt, but I'm liking the way all my bright scraps are playing together. I am pondering the idea of making two bunk bed sized quilts for my youngest who sadly has a (gasp) store bought comforter on her bed right now.
The pine wood derby was a big hit, and the library book sale was productive as well. We topped off the evening with our usual Sunday pizza night. It's 8:46, and everyone is in bed but me. I did a quick 5 miles with one of my running partners and am now freshly showered and snuggled up in a cozy bathrobe. I have bindings to sew down on two quilts, and sole possession of the remote control. Sometimes life is good.


Amanda said...

Ah, so Step 3 has appeared. I'll find it in a moment when I get to Bonnie's blog. You've had a very busy day but it sounds like great fun. Will you get involved in the bathroom work, or will your job be to keep everyone else out of the way?

Amy said...

Your blog of "inspired progress" was just what I needed to read right now! I'm so happy to see all the progress in your quilting in addition to your progress with all your other "life" adventures!
I haven't seen any pics of your CC yet (I don't recall, anyway), so I'll be excited to see how you quilt it :0)

Oh...and......HA~ Step 3! THAT one snuck up a couple of days too soon! I've been pushing to get the CC done for Mother's Day that I'm only 30 blocks into OC#2!!!