Thursday, April 17, 2008


Not much time for quilting this week. I saw that Bonnie had posted clue number 2 for the OC mystery and got some 3.5 " strips cut. Of course that got me sidetracked in organizing my scraps and I spent some time clearing out my scrap basket. Sometimes I think playing with bits and pieces is so much more fun than buying officially coordinating collections.
I didn't have much free time this week because my husband was out of town. He's back now, but I'm worn out. I almost fell asleep sitting up while watching the kids swim before dinner tonight. I think I'm going to go curl up in bed now and pretend to watch TV until I fall asleep. Fortunately tomorrow should be a pretty easy day at school. All of the sophomore class is gone on a field trip to see Macbeth. Since those are most of the people in my chemistry classes, it should be an intimate group.

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Amy said...

WOW! I had to take a double-take to make sure I wasn't looking in a mirror...... :0)

I can't believe how much we have in common!!!!
Scrapbooking....check (although not as much anymore)
Marathon runner....check
Mom....check (of three girls; 2, 4, 7)
Teacher...check (7-12 Math/Computers)

In fact, your comments today almost are exactly how I felt on Monday! I was SO CRAZY this weekend with LATE nights----midnight everynight!

I'm glad to see/meet others in the MysteryQuilter's Ring who have such common interests as myself. You are definitely the closest "sister" I've met so far.
I will check in often to see how life is going for you. Summer vacation is looming closer and closer :0)
-Amy (NW Wisconsin)