Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabric Choices for Mom

My Aunt Brenda loves to do jigsaw puzzles. Mom likes to get them framed and hang them up around the house. She has several Norman Rockwell puzzles that usually hang in the family room.

These two puzzles of little girls hang in the guest bedroom at her new house. Mom wants to plan the colors of the room around these two puzzles and asked me to make her a quilt for the bed. She wants it to be bedspread sized so that she doesn't need to use a dust ruffle.
I was thinking of using Bonnie Hunter's Sister's Choice pattern with green, blue, brown, yellow and creamy background colors. I pulled these potential fabrics from the 2.5 inch strip bin and put together a few squares to try out the pattern. I didn't see many buttery yellows in there, so I will go to the stash to look for those. Then I thought I would use a consistent green for the star points.
So, Mom, take a look at the colors and the pattern and let me know what you think. (Mom reads my blog because I put pictures of the kids in here) Also, if you could measure the bed for me, that would be a big help.
I think I'll call it a night before I go any further in case Mom wants something different. Also, my arms are so tired from painting today. Also, I got in a run this evening for a change. Only three miles, but at least I got out there again. All in all, I'm pretty tired, but it is for lots of good reasons.

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