Monday, July 6, 2009

Sister's Choice

I spent my spare time today cutting out pieces for the Sister's Choice quilt. I have a serious lack of buttery yellows in my stash, so I will have to think about getting some more to throw in the mix. I feel like a chef standing at a big soup pot saying, "Hmm, not bad, but it could use a little more curry." I think I should use some sashing to give the blocks a little room to breathe.
There never seems to be as much time in a day as it seems like there should. Sydney is at zoo camp this week from 8 to 12. The two bigger kids wanted to go to the store this morning, then it was home for long enough to get some laundry started before picking up again. After lunch Anna and I worked on painting the furniture from her room. It has a pickled oak finish which is pretty beat up. So we sanded and painted until we were so sweaty and sticky from the heat in the garage we couldn't stand it anymore. My arms still ache from all the painting this weekend. Even lifting the iron is painful. I'm sure it will be worth all the effort when the room is finished.


Amy said...

Lovely sounding times with the paiting, strippin' -n- all :0) After 8 hours of tilling, weeding, and picking rocks yesterday, my body also realizes there are muscles that don't get used very often in every-day tasks!! Today will be an inside, AC day until the heat takes a vacation later tonight, so... a day of quilting is in line. Yeah :0)

I've debated making the sister's choice blocks as well, so I'll wait to see how yours turns out and will be "sold" on it for sure! Those colors are just beautiful!

Amy said...

me again......regarding sashing: yes, I think sashing would tie the quilt together nicely. Green? Or even green scrappy?