Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Havles, Not yet Hole

I just finished sewing together the blocks for the 2nd half of Sister's Choice. Wow did that take a long time! I really haven't done much else yet today. The second half still doesn't have a border, so I'll take care of that tomorrow. I'm not sure what to do with the corners. Usually my quilts hang shorter than this. Is the corner of a bedspread supposed to be rounded or squared up or what?


Tamara Lund D.C. said...

Long time? You just popped this one out! Looks great.

Micki said...

It is just beautiful! I ususally square my quilt out, and use mitered corners.
Great job!

Kimberly Mason said...

Such a lovely quilt!

I followed you over here from your link in Heather's blog where she talked about falling down while running. I was laughing too because I also have a blog post about falling down - though I am really envious of your scrapes! *g*