Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tucker Sling, Check

My nephew is supposed to sleep in an inclined position to help with aspiration. My sister sent this picture of a wedge shaped thing with a pouch kind of dealie on the front and asked me to make one. She said it was no problem though, because she already had the wedge part, I just needed to make a cover and pouch of some sort. No problem, right? I couldn't quite get my head around how I was supposed to make a 3-dimensional fabric object with no measurements or model. I took measurements while I was visiting and got started as best I could without proper equipment. I brought the rest home to finish and finally sat down tonight and came up with this:

Imagine it covering a 3-D wedge and holding a wiggly 2 year old in a semi inclined position. I have no idea if it will work or not, but I'll send it off in the mail and hope that my mom can do some adjustments if they are needed. Ordering the official one is always an option, but it is apparently quite expensive, so maybe this will work.
Next on the list is the sun shield for a ground penetrating radar machine. I'm not sure why I keep getting these requests for oddly shaped sewn things, but I'll keep winging it and take it as a compliment that people have so much faith in my sewing abilities.

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Micki said...

I have never seen anything like that , but if it helps, it is great!
Hope all goes well with that!