Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Party of the Season

I'm sure some people have social seasons and have rounds of society soirees to attend on an annual basis. At our house we have a rash of summer birthdays which require a series of cake eating and pool splashing birthday parties. I put a lot of effort into the girls parties in May, so Kurt took the initiative on this one. I picked the time, and then he sent out an e-mail and handled RSVPs. We were expecting 7 kids, but somehow ended up with 14. Everyone seemed to show up with a sibling or a friend, and then the neighbors joined in too! When it comes to birthday parties, the more people, the more fun I guess. We should have made a bigger cake though, they ate every last crumb! So no next day leftovers to enjoy.

Most of the time the kids all splashed in the pool and tried to attack each other with squirt guns and water balloons. Kurt jumped right in and wrestled with them. He used to be a camp counselor, so he is good at fending off multiple kids at the same time. We even managed to keep everyone outside almost all of the time, so the house remained company clean and shiny.
Today, the kids were all happy to hang out at home and play with new birthday toys. I took advantage of the quiet time to work some more on Sister's Choice. All of the nine patch units are done now and the rest is cut out and partially put together. I have it all spread out on the ping pong table now so I can lay the blocks out as they get done and admire them. I'm so glad we got the new table, I just hope nobody wants to play ping pong right away.

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