Friday, July 3, 2009

Spewing Ears

When we traveled to Georgia recently I didn't take any projects along because I felt like I had a real handle on everything. The loose ends were fairly tidy and nothing was hanging over my head.

Now I have projects spewing out of my ears.
My sister sent fabric for dust ruffles and wedge covers. No problem there, those should go quick. Poor little Paige is the only one of her children that does not have an Aunt Angie quilt. (I made one for her doll, but not one for her.) The cute pink and brown polka dotted fabric made me think that whilrygiggles would be cute and simple. That goes on the someday soon list. My girlfriend has a husband with a machine that needs a sun shade, I can give it a try, that goes on the list. Mom has a new guest bedroom and wants a quilt to match a jigsaw puzzle. Sounds good, I decide on the Sister's Choice pattern and add it to the list.

Then Anna decided to redecorate her room and requested a star quilt like Starlight Starbright. But with blue background and yellow stars. The list is getting longer, but she is my daughter after all. Wait, don't forget the painting and decorating, add those to the list. (Kurt is not to be trusted with a trim brush)
Then Kurt decides that the drapes in our room have to go and I start browsing catalogs for new window treatments. The window treatment ideas lead to quilt ideas, and both of those go on the list. I have this happy hour pattern that I have been saving just for that purpose. Mabye those better be at the end of the list. I think the paint is OK though, so that is spared from the list.

Now July has rolled around, and UFO #9 goes on the list. I'm halfway through now and hate to break a streak.

I think I'd better prioritize. Because if I start at the beginning and go through the whole list, it will be a while. I'm thinking that the UFO might need to be the first to bite the dust, because nobody wants it. When I started it in 2002 it was for our bedroom. We've moved houses and changed colors since then, so I don't know what I will do with a purple and green quilt. I could try to rework it into something else. Still, I keep coming back to the idea that nobody needs it.

I did finish up the binding on Tea Rose Sampler, so I guess that one can get crossed off the list. Instead of sitting here pondering, I think I'll go try to go finish something else. The list beckons.


Amanda said...

Isn't it weird how lists sometimes start making themselves out of nowhere? You could always use the UFO as a backing for something else. I hope you have enough time left before you go back to school to cross a few things off the list.

Candace said...

I think your friends and family must have heard the saying about if you want something done giving it to the busiest person you know.
Anyway I think that's how it goes.