Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Big Day

Today was finally the day we went to the nursing home for Christmas caroling and lap quilt delivery! I was worried that after working so long on making the quilts, that giving them away would be difficult. Instead, the girls were all happy to find someone to take their quilts. We started by singing a nice set of Christmas songs. When it came time to deliver the quilts,each girl remembered exactly the quilt she had made and went to find someone who wanted it.
Most of the residents were very appreciative of the singing as well as the quilts. The were very impressed by the fact that the girls made them.
Several of the girls sat down and spent time with the people who got their quilts. This is Madison who wanted us all to come and meet her new friend. Not all of the girls were as outgoing, but spending some time getting to know the elderly was a very positive experience for them. We will definitely set up another afternoon or two after the holidays for the girls to go back and spend some time with the nursing home residents one on one.
Anna made two quilts, but was most proud of this one because she picked out the fabrics herself.

I was very happy with how everything turned out. There were a few extra quilts which the nurses saved for some of the residents who were sick and unable to come to the caroling. The girls are already asking when they can make another quilt so that they have one to keep for themselves.


Julie said...

Those girls are so cute. That was a fantastic thing that you guys did.

Amanda said...

The residents at the home must have been as pleased as punch to receive their quilts and also to spend some time with the young people. We used to invite members of a club for the elderly to all the events at the school I used to teach at, and the Year 6 children were encouraged to take them tea and biscuits and to sit and to talk with them - some were naturals and others found it really difficult, but so good for youngsters to develop social skills in these situations.

Bonnie said...

I am so impressed that you thuoght of this and that the girls worked so hard h=for month!! The outcome sure was worth it.