Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finally, Christmas Number 3

Our final Christmas this year happened on the 26th. Kurt's brother just bought a new house and moved, conveniently, just about half an hour away from my mom. The moving truck arrived just a few days before us, so we got to go see Kurt's brother and and family at their new house. Amazingly, given the short time, they had all of the boxes unpacked and were mostly settled in before we got there. The men were put in charge of installing TVs and and hanging heavy things on the wall.
The kids were put in charge of making sure the toy room was properly broken in. They had a great time playing rock star on the playstation and had quite a little band going.
We enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch of turkey, ham and sweet potatoes along with family favorites like hashbrown casserole and black olives. It was wonderful to see both sides of the family on one trip. I know we will enjoy getting the cousins together more often now that more families are in the same general vicinity. The afternoon brought a visit from more "cousins" who live in the Atlanta area.

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Julie said...

Fantastic! Maybe sometime when you come up to Georgia you and I can meet at 1910 House Quilt Shop!!!