Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Begnining to Look......

I bit the bullet today and worked on putting up some Christmas decorations. Kurt got the tree up before he left, but he let the kids put on all the ornaments and they needed a little redistribution. They could still use a little help, but I didn't feel like getting the big ladder out again

I braved the attic to look (unsuccessfully) for the tree skirt and pulled down some Garlands, bows and lights. Then the kids and I spent the afternoon spreading holiday cheer. Do you have any idea how silly Christmas lights look when strung on palm trees? We're all going over to share dinner with our neighbor who's husband is out of town three days every week, we try to get together whenever Kurt is gone. We are going to bring cookies.

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Julie said...

Those are some awesome cookie makers you have there.